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Hi Urs,

Good luck with the Event.

It would be useful on the ql_users list to start a "new thread" for this discussion too ...

Hi all

Less than two weeks to go now.

The Event web-pages were updated yesterday.

- Windows 7 session confirmed, speaker is an experienced early adopter
- Details of free giveaway backpack added (PIC of backpack).
- FAQ updated (PIC of Swiss power connector).

The event can be summarized in 32 bit ;-)

1 occasion (25th anniversary of QL & Mac) to enjoy past, present and future
of micro computing

2 days (conference, sessions, exhibition, talks, workshops, user group)

4 free (no admission fee)

8 enriching sessions (covering QL, Mac, iPhone, Windows 7, Mac OS X, even
AmigaOS 4.1)

16 systems on display in the exhibition (microcomputers from the 80s)

32 beautiful places (mount Pilatus, famous KKL concert hall, lake Lucerne,
mount Rigi, Engelberg-Titlis glacier, etc.) to visit beside the show

Don't miss the show!


Malcolm Cadman
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