Thanks to some sterling work by tcat to further develop the automatic conversion
tool, the first version of the SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual is now online

JOBS to do.... - volunteers are required, as I will not have time for this - it
is now going to be a community project

If you don't come forward with changes, then they are unlikely to be done!

a) Write a home page to form the main link to the manual
b) Improve CSS and layout
c) Some more work on the conversion tool to handle the non-English characters -
especially needed for Appendix 8 and 9.
d) tcat to add the latest version conversion tool source to the forum for
comments / changes to be suggested and made - you might spot more ways in which
it can be improved to reduce the amount of manual effort needed.
e) Volunteers to take ownership of a specific page and hand edit it to improve
the layout - remove some of the line breaks for example in each paragraph.

If you download a page to edit the HTML in a WYSIWYG editor, you will need
access to the CSS file:

If someone wants to set up some sort of online system where people can edit
pages (eg. a wiki ?) then let me know and I can send a zip with all of the HTML

Rich Mellor
RWAP Software
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