On 08/05/2017 12:30, Marcel Kilgus wrote:
Dilwyn Jones wrote:
Modern IT is getting so bad we will soon be better off going back to pencil
and paper.
I don't quite get why you don't just click yourself your own hosting
provider including a domain and eMail service and be done with it.
This costs as much as two coffees per month but I've been using mine
for 15 years now and never looked back. Sounds like the free stuff is
not working out for you so well anyway.

I agree with Marcel on this. I used a free host for several years and was very satisfied until it was taken over by another firm. Initially all went well but slowly the advertising on the site became more and more doubtful until it reached the point where Norton rated the site as being dangerous, not because of my content but because of the advertising.

I did think of closing the site, but a revival of interest in the advice content gave me second thoughts. Since 2011 I have used a commercial host, 1&1, and I have been very satisfied. Last year I payed £55.75 for the hosting and the domain. Although the QL interest in the site is diminshing I am developing non- QL content so that I can justify maintaining the site.

The main snag with a commercial host is that they assume you are a business and you get regular requests to update your contract with new facilities.

BTW if Dilwyn's site is down I think I am right in saying that Urs' The Distribution has an image of the site,

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