BTW if Dilwyn's site is down I think I am right in saying that Urs' The Distribution has an image of the site,
Slightly out of date unless Urs has updated it since I last checked.

If anyone wants to host a copy of my site temporarily until I'm back on my feet (I am getting there slowly!) I'd be happy to send them a copy of my site on DVD or other means, ready to upload (I haven't got space left in my Dropbox, sorry). In fact, if anyone wants to take it over completely they'd be welcome, then I can get back to writing QL software again.

I'm not rushing to get it back online until these problems are sorted, I have far more important things to worry about in my life at the moment.

The remaining email issues to sort out are:

1. Investigate why such a high percentage of emails via the forwarding just "vanish". I've tinkered with several email providers in the last few days (and roped others in to send test emails) and that part of the equation is pretty consistent across all providers. As it's a paid service, I expected 123-reg to help. Their communication has been less than helpful. Even with spam filtering and flagging set to lowest possible setting, the number of test emails which failed to arrive was well into double digits, and consistent across the various emailing services used. This has actually frightened me - I'd always assumed people who told me I never replied to their emails either mistyped my email address or sent them to old email addresses or whatever, or that spam filtering knocked out one or two genuine messages, but no, our tests showed that just under 15% of emails forwarded via my domain during the tests failed to arrive. About 5% took 24 hours or more to arrive. I'm not an IT pro, but do you think this means I should not renew with 123-reg next time? Or not bother with a 'domain' at all?

2. Duplicate Gmails in Windows Live Mail. Looking at Gmail forums, it's a very common problem, none of the suggested fixes work in my case.

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