Umm, what price do you pay for your coffee exactly, Marcel???

I don't drink coffee at all ;) But I checked that a hosting package
similar to mine costs 5GBP on 1and1, so I figured it's probably about
one Starbucks coffee or 2 regular ones ;)

I currently pay GBP9.59 for the domain and email forwarding, and £21.60 for
the hosting per year. Personal email addresses from 123-reg with pop, imap
and webmail cost GP2.99+VAT *EACH*, with 5GB space (well, it says "from
£2.99".....and here in rip-off Britain, "from" means you will usually be
charged  more than that, you hardly ever end up paying the price you see).

Every single step in this seems to involve paying for something extra just
to get a minimally working something to keep an unpaid time-consuming hobby
going, this is the point at which I have to make a decision whether to spend
to do things properly, or give up trying to do things properly. I'm more inclined towards the latter at the moment.

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