Marcel Kilgus wrote:
Dilwyn Jones wrote:
Modern IT is getting so bad we will soon be better off going back to pencil
and paper.

I don't quite get why you don't just click yourself your own hosting
provider including a domain and eMail service and be done with it.
This costs as much as two coffees per month but I've been using mine
for 15 years now and never looked back. Sounds like the free stuff is
not working out for you so well anyway.
Neither is much of the paid stuff I use. For paid stuff, you expect support but my experience of support has not been good.

I pay for the domain and pay for the web space.

Frankly the domain has been so unreliable and support so poor I should just do away with it.

I use free services because I'm on a low income and can't afford the prices for what is just a hobby nowadays.

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