Thank you Marcel, for that information, I am glad I did not go and buy one to 
see if it worked. I had not seen that post on your blog. The Aurora board has a 
QIMI mouse interface integrated on the board but according to the manual it 
still requires an adapter, In any case I was using the SuperHermes serial mouse 
port with a combo PS2/serial mouse.

Very nice blog




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> I have been having a problem sourcing a replacement mouse for my
> Aurora system. Serial mice have vanished even on ebay and also
> PS2/serial combo mice scarce. Does anyone know is mice adapters for
> the Atari and Amiga will work with Aurora/Qx0 serial ports?

No, this is not an adapter to serial but to Atari/Amiga/QIMI
compatible ports. I have written about that one here


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