Hi Derek

Thanks for that. Making your own seems like a lot of work when USB to PS2 
adapters are dirt cheap. Yes I know the mouse would need to understand both PS2 
and USB protocols. That's the current PS2 combo mouse type. I will look at the 
QIMI mouse connection on the Aurora board with the Atari/Amiga USB adapter, but 
I am also still interested in the serial mouse if it it still available. I will 
contact you off list about it.






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Hi Duncan,I do not have your email address. My email address is: 
derek@q40.deThe USB to Atari/Amiga adapters work really well, fr connection to 
QIMI the adapter must be in Atari mode. As the Amiga has some lines going to 
different pins on the DB9 side.There are USB -> PS2 adapters, which connect the 
USB +Data/-Data line to the PS/2 Data/Clock.See this web 
link:http://www.instructables.com/id/USB-to-PS2-convertor/But the USB mouse has 
to support PS/2 mode.I have not had much success with USB to PS/2 adapters, I 
have lots of the USB to PS/2 Plug adapters, Maplin Electronics sell them for 
£0.61, so could worth risk...-- Regards,DerekOn 16/08/17 07:59, via Ql-Users 
wrote:> Hi Derek, looks like I don't have your current email address as the 
email I have sent just came back undelivered. Could you email me at the aol 
address you have for me as that is still the same.> > Cheers> > Duncan> 
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