On Thu, 21 Sep 2017 09:19:10 +0200, Giorgio Garabello via Ql-Users wrote:

> QMenu 7.66 has a lot of problem, ink  color in view_file remains always
> black, extension filter don't work and some other problems... Qmenu 8,
> works well..

Yes, v7.66 is buggy, but v8 is not much better...

In my experience, the only valid QMenu version is 7.64. v8.00 got several
annoyances and compatibility issues and, IIRC (that was many years ago),
removed things from its configuration that broke the way I always used
QMenu, so I rejected it years ago, and religiously (for an atheist,
that's quite a superlative !) kept v7.64 on all my systems.

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