Has anyone got a copy that be loaded on Dilwyn's site.....mine is also
somewhere in the loft, so a pdf would be helpful.

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Daniel Baum via Ql-Users wrote:
> Yes, but if the API has changed from version to version, then it WILL 
> fail for some users who are using a different version to the one that 
> I am writing for in my program.
> Therefore linking it seems like a good idea.

Unfortunately it isn't because it's not just a basic extension. The
functionality itself is implemented in globally visible "things" so that it
can be used from any language, the basic commands are just wrappers for

So what would probably happen is that the linked copy would overwrite any
existing "things" with the same names and everything will crash once you
remove the job again because of dangling pointers.

> Whatever, I will update the program for the latest version and hope 
> for the best.

If you find any bugs we can try to fix them.

>>> The other possibility is to update the QBase code, but for this I 
>>> would need a manual, which seems to be unavailable (is it really 
>>> still
>>> commercial?)

No, it isn't, I askes Jochen if I could release QMenu for free and he
agreed. I just didn't have the manual at hand for release and promptly
forgot about it.


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