The main problem I know of with QMenu v8 is that QDT no longer works properly - you cannot create a new program icon in a QDT window

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IIRC, version 8 only worked on recent systems such as QPC2, or at least had only limited functionality on older ones. V7.66 menu_rext is available from my website (Programming Utils page) - a manual for either would be quite welcome since Marcel has confirmed it'd be OK to make it available.


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I'm sorry to be so slow but are we talking about the QMenu v8 manual in
front of me?

Christopher Cave

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Just tested qmenu v.8.02

It works on qpc, smsqmulator, Black Phoenix .

tested this without a problem:

fn$="open dbs file" :sg$="QBASE":d$="DEV1_DBSFILES_":x$="_dbs"


François Van Emelen

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