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What's happening?

I have successfully compiled a new version of my program.
That's to say, there were no errors reported by BasicLinker or Qlibeator.
But when the _obj is executed nothing seems to happen, no menu to act on.
It's there in the JOBS list but no channels were opened for it.
When I then kill this job it has the effect that the QD with the programs _bas can no longer produce lists of my Procs and FNs from the C-F6 to C-F8 buttons or keys.


It's been 2 month since I reported this problem.
After many attempts to locate the problem Wolfgang Lenerz finally found the culprit.
It was one missing index variable on an END FOR line.

"Unnamed NEXT, EXIT and END statements" is a feature of SMSQ/E.
Normally I am no fan of this as it can make the program more difficult to read, especially when start and end of the loop are far apart.
This one (actually two) had escaped my proof reading.

Now it turned out Q_Liberator also cannot deal with it and can, as was the case here, corrupt SMSQ/E in a sneaky way without a Sysmon alarm.
So be warned, don't use this "feature" with Qlib!


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