Is this the sort of issue you mean?

100 CLS
110 FOR i = 0 TO 4
120  FOR j = 0 TO 4
130   AT i * 2, j * 6: PRINT i; ','; j;
140  END FOR
160 :

RUNs fine under SMSQ/E, displays only the first line if compiled as a Qlib
job (but no errors or warnings are given - either at compile time or when
executing). Turbo, even under SMSQ/E, kicks up a fuss at parse time, and if
you load it in SuperBASIC under Qdos or Minerva lines 140 and 150 show up
as MISTake's. So its normally a good idea to try out problematic code in
different environments. It doesnt necessarily have to work 100% before
certain mistakes reveal themselves.

Just my penny's worth..


On 12 November 2017 at 13:54, Bob Spelten via Ql-Users <> wrote:

> Op Tue, 12 Sep 2017 18:47:35 +0200 schreef Bob Spelten <>:
> What's happening?
>> I have successfully compiled a new version of my program.
>> That's to say, there were no errors reported by BasicLinker or Qlibeator.
>> But when the _obj is executed nothing seems to happen, no menu to act on.
>> It's there in the JOBS list but no channels were opened for it.
>> When I then kill this job it has the effect that the QD with the
>> programs  _bas can no longer produce lists of my Procs and FNs from the
>> C-F6 to C-F8 buttons or keys.
>> (...)
>> It's been 2 month since I reported this problem.
> After many attempts to locate the problem Wolfgang Lenerz finally found
> the culprit.
> It was one missing index variable on an END FOR line.
> "Unnamed NEXT, EXIT and END statements" is a feature of SMSQ/E.
> Normally I am no fan of this as it can make the program more difficult to
> read, especially when start and end of the loop are far apart.
> This one (actually two) had escaped my proof reading.
> Now it turned out Q_Liberator also cannot deal with it and can, as was the
> case here, corrupt SMSQ/E in a sneaky way without a Sysmon alarm.
> So be warned, don't use this "feature" with Qlib!
> Bob
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