Hi Per,

1) Is there is a limit to the number of directory device drivers that can be loaded at once (I believe there is/was and the number was 8?)

No, there is no limit that I'm aware of. I'm pretty sure I already had more than 8 different devices loaded at some time. (you can test this with the sub device, jut use Wined or some such to change the device name every time and load it 10 times....)

2) Is there is a limit of 16 devices (ie driver + device number 1..8) that can be in use at the same time?

It is true that only 16 drives (not devices) can be accessed at once.
This limit is set in the system variables :

sys_fsdd equ    $0100   16*long pointers to Filing System Drive
sys_fsdt equ    $0140   Filing System drive Definition table Top
sys.nfsd equ    $10     max Number of Filing System Drive definitions
sys_fsch equ    $0140   long    linked list of Filing System CHannel

Back in the day, I seem to recall that once one had accessed one's allotted 16 devices, no further devices could be opened. (One had to do a DEL_DEFB to proceed.)

Yes, except that it's drives, not devices.
So if you have files open on flp1 ... flp8 and win1 ...win8 - that's it.

Recently I discovered that if a device is no longer in use, its slot will be re-used, but I havent seen this documented anywhere. Do you have information on any of this?

Not without checking in the source code, but I'm pretty sure that this is the correct scheme.


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