On 29/12/2017 08:06, Wolf via Ql-Users wrote:
Hi all,

I've added a small technical explanation of DV3 drivers for SMSQE to the additional info and data section on the SMSQE site.

Have fun

Very nice, Wolfgang. Thank you!

I have two questions (for now) which dont appear to be answered:

1) Is there is a limit to the number of directory device drivers that can be loaded at once (I believe there is/was and the number was 8?)

2) Is there is a limit of 16 devices (ie driver + device number 1..8) that can be in use at the same time? Back in the day, I seem to recall that once one had accessed one's allotted 16 devices, no further devices could be opened. (One had to do a DEL_DEFB to proceed.) Recently I discovered that if a device is no longer in use, its slot will be re-used, but I havent seen this documented anywhere. Do you have information on any of this?

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