On 15/02/2018 14:46, Wolfgang Lenerz via Ql-Users wrote:
Thanks for testing these.

How big was the amount of memory requested? Big enough that a shift would occur?

Further tests show that d0 sometimes returns zero (at least two different paths) but usually not, ie it returns with the pre-call value intact. If insufficient memory, it returns to BASIC. In other words, to get a reliable error result, one would have to:

    move.w qa.resri,d0
    moveq #0,d0
    jsr (a2)
    tst.l d0

This is obviously not ideal..

I havent done any tests with either compiler, but Ive already lost two hours of my life I'll never get back, so if someone else wants to have a go, I promise to read - and cherish - the results :)

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