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For my part, I believe Ive apologised very handsomely for the error of my ways (although any forgiveness still seems to be working its way though my accuser's brain) so I have no more to give on this and require no further instruction.

Look back up the thread, you were forgiven. Not that you needed forgiving, other people do it too. It's a minor irritation and certainly not something to lose sleep over.

Nor will I take kindly to any further reprimand on the topic. There is plenty one could moan about on this list if one were thus inclined. Nuff said.

Oh, I would tend to disagree there. Respectfully disagree of course. I think this is one of the better lists I enjoy reading - even when the subject has little or no interest for me - and responding to as and when appropriate.

We are a pretty friendly bunch on here, in my opinion.


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