On 15/02/2018 21:07, Norman Dunbar via Ql-Users wrote:
<> There is plenty one could moan about on this list if one were thus inclined. Nuff said.

Oh, I would tend to disagree there. Respectfully disagree of course. I think this is one of the better lists I enjoy reading - even when the subject has little or no interest for me - and responding to as and when appropriate.
I was thinking more of how (physically) messy it sometimes gets. The excuses I make for others in such instances is that it may have to do with how familiar they are with evolving vagaries of their various email clients. When Im forced to use Google's webmail interface, I have no idea what the result looks like for anyone else. It tries too hard to be helpful in doing stuff I just dont want done! Ive had the extreme annoyance and embarassment of accidentally forwarding information sent by one party to another that wasnt supposed to see that information. This despite the efforts I made to ensure it didnt happen. The only upside to such potential calamity is that other people do it too, and so one may acquire useful information one was not supposed to have ;)

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