On 29 Mar 2018 at 10:40, Dilwyn Jones via Ql-Users wrote:

> I regret to have to report that I heard this morning of the
> death of Stuart Honeyball of Miracle Systems.

When I read the subject "Stuart Honeyball" I somehow expected he'd 
attend a QL meeting, publish his memoirs, or anything, but not that.

Every loss of a QL legend is tragic, but this one hurts me deeply. 
It was always the hardware that attracted me to the QL, and before I 
could afford my own printed circuit boards, Stuart Honeyball was 
like a hero for me. To own a legendary GoldCard was almost more 
desirable than the QL itself.

I remember how proud I felt when Stuart Honeyball lent me an ear 
about the 68020 processor, while I was still a QL nodbody. At that 
time, he was reluctant about an upgrade to the GoldCard, because 
(coming from the 68000 and the QXL's 68040) Stuart was not aware the 
68020 had dynamic databus sizing. I talked with him about my working 
'020 wirewrap board, and how I patched QDOS so most of it worked 
with the '020. In the end, I could convince him, and it felt like I 
had given the SuperGoldCard a kick-off :)

In my QL times, Stuart Honeyball was the only person who brought QL 
systems which contained the "heart" of a computer, the 
microprocessor and its surroundings. The GC, SGC and QXL were not 
just peripherals. They were computers, except graphics.

That's what inspired me, and what I later did my own way, with the 
Q40, Q60 and Q68. Now I somehow feel like "the only one left". 
Stuart was no longer active... but still...

Having good hardware ideas is one thing. Actually finishing a 
computer, so people can buy it, is a different thing. Especially as 
a single person in the small QL scene. Stuart Honeyball did both. He 
did it great. We will always remember him!


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