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>> Interesting story. I'm still a huge fan of the SGC, but could never
>> afford it at the time.
> I had the luck to buy my SGC after the price fell, but before it 
> became interesting for collectors. I find the SGC a masterpiece, the 
> best thing that ever plugged into an original QL mainboard!

Agree. I've been working with one the last few days and the speed made
the QL bearable :-)

>> Well, there's Nasta, I've got the impression he knows the QL better
>> than its original designers, though he seems to be impaired by his own
>> perfectionism.
> Also let's not forget that living in Eastern or Western Europe made 
> a big difference at the time Nasta announced his GoldFire.

I remember that he was working on it while living in the US, I've met
him there. After 9/11 he had to move back and I think that's what
killed it for good.

> I don't know about Stuart Honeyball's early hardware, but indeed it
> seems that he hardly talked about his large projects until they were 
> practically finished.

That's usually my modus operandi, too ;)

> (By the way, I wish Stuart had finished his QL Graphics Card, 
> because all the video converters I tried with my QLs suck.)

Yes, this is true. That's the reason I have built a prototype of a
bus-snooper that mirrors the QL screen on an HDMI monitor, but... damn
it, now that you know I will never finish it :-)

Cheers, Marcel

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