I found this little snippet in my files that I thought you might enjoy :o)


     Masterpiece by Miracle Systems

The long awaited GRAPHICS CARD, now titled the "Masterpiece Enhanced Graphics Card” will soon see the light of day. The targeted selling price is £50 (may change).

The small circuit board  will  replace  the 8301chip (for those who  have been  replacing 8301's the cost of the board alone is well  worth  being done with the 8301)) and  will cause you to remove the 68008 if you hadn’t already done so.

There are two displays, QL mode (512 x 512) or an enhanced graphics mode (1024 x 512 - requiring an SVGA non-interlaced monitor). Software to drive the new board will reside in a new ROM to be issued for the Super Gold Card (required for enhanced graphics). Masterpiece will have 128K of video ram on board.

Those of  you  with Gold Cards will get the benefit of  replacing the costly 8301 chip and the ability to upgrade in the future, who knows maybe the Super Gold Card or maybe even the Super-Duper Gold Card (the last one, at present is only in our publishers mind).

What are you waiting for ?? Give yourself a Christmas present! I Call Miracle Systems for further information.


On 30/03/2018 01:28, Peter Graf via Ql-Users wrote:
Am 29.03.2018 um 22:59 schrieb Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users:
(By the way, I wish Stuart had finished his QL Graphics Card,
because all the video converters I tried with my QLs suck.)
Yes, this is true. That's the reason I have built a prototype of a
bus-snooper that mirrors the QL screen on an HDMI monitor, but... damn
it, now that you know I will never finish it :-)
Believe it or not, but when I wrote my remark this noon, I was actually
thinking "that could be something for Marcel Kilgus" now that he started
playing with FPGA. Really.

My guess is that you'd use an FPGA with >=32 KB RAM, so why bus-snooping
and not fully replace the video area? Just to keep the original video
output alive?

How would you work around the HDMI licensing costs issue?

Personally, I still prefer VGA, because I also have some older monitors
and converting VGA to HDMI can be done by small cheap dongles.

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