Could someone please explain the rules to me regarding the padding of
graphics objects for the two main formats: Sprites and Pics/PSA?

I thought Id worked it all out, at least for some modes, but my rule-
book does not appear to be complete, nor provide stable answers in all
cases. Also, there are some  formats Im not able to test.. So now Im
confused and would like to get a "definitive" take on the matter.


As I understand it,
Sprites must always be padded to Longs for all modes QL or GD2.

PIC/PSA must be padded for modes 4 & 8.
The GD2 modes 16 to 33 should/need not be padded and some viewers may have problems if they are.
SQRview will detect excess padding and not show it.

This agrees with my experience of sprites and PIC files from when I was writing Q-Dock. Some unusual things can happen if the sprites aren't long word padded.

I haven't much experience of PSA files, but since they are essentially PIC files with an extra long word in the preamble, I would assume they would handle exactly the same as PIC files after taking the extra long word into account.

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