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Thanks for your replies, most of which agree with my understanding but, unfortunately, not with my recent experience. (Eg see my post on the Forum for one example: http://www.qlforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2272&start=40#p22823)

And that is the crux of the matter: Without a definitive description its each to his own interpretation. This is bad for those of us trying to produce fun or useful stuff. And the number of offerings out there that dont really work, or work inconsistently, dont exactly evoke the sense that "The QL" is a serious or relieable machine. It certainly putsme off at times (my own failings in this regard notwithstanding ;)

If those who "wrote the book" on these matters arent able/willing to pipe up, then we'll have to waste some time R-ingTFBs and doing the tests ourselves. I'll be back.

I must admit having missed your Forum entry.
Without running your program I know that WSASV (EP4) and PSAVE (QPTR) will add padding, sometimes even 1 Long more than needed. They were written in QL mode days and clearly never changed for High Colour times. The same is probably true for the "Books", this padding is not mentioned there. That's why SQRview tests for any padding.

When saving such a PIC as SPR the padding is already there and needs not to be added but too much padding may result in a slanted sprite if lines are not cut properly as it relies on x-width and not on line increment as PICs do.


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