Hi all QXL users :-)

After probably 18 years I decided to try my QXL with the latest SMSQ/E version. 
I admit I was astonished when I saw my almost 20 years old multi-boot system 
starting smoothly 1024x768 high res with SMSQ/E 3.33 for QXL. I think this is 
quite impressive and I have to congratulate for maintaining a very high level 
of compatibility along such a long period where in any case quite a number of 
modifications have been introduced (as well as new hardware and software 

I have a couple of questions though: 

# 1
While it seems with my old SMSQ 2.90 I managed to run SMSQ under the Windows 98 
DOS (i.e. starting DOS inside W98, which allowed with ALT TAB to move to 
Windows back and forth), with the last SMSQE.EXE version 3.33 I had to force to 
run in as pure DOS program following a W98 reboot to have a proper QL boot.

# 2
Linked to #1 after instructing W98 to restart in DOS mode there is a drawback: 
I did not find a way to kill SMSQE.EXE (like e.g. QPC_EXIT in QPC2 in Windows 
mode of course). Hence the only way to restat the system is via a hw reset. But 
W98 calls again the DOS mode launching SMSQE.EXE. The only way to restart the 
system in W98 was to modify autoexec.bat and REM the lines calling SMSQE.EXE. 
Has anybody a better solution?

Thanks and regards


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