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> While it seems with my old SMSQ 2.90 I managed to run SMSQ under the Windows
> 98 DOS (i.e. starting DOS inside W98, which allowed with ALT TAB to move to
> Windows back and forth),

Bad idea... I never ran my QXL from within Windoze, only DOS: memory management
under DOS (and Windows) are bad enough as they are already. What you might be
experiencing is a lack of sufficient "low mem" (that 640Kb first block of
addresses that the totally retard x86 16 bits CPUs can only address via one
64Kb segment at any given time and that all DOS executables must fit).

> with the last SMSQE.EXE version 3.33 I had to force to run in as pure DOS
> program following a W98 reboot to have a proper QL boot.

Since newer SMSQ/E executables are much larger, and since W98 is already
using the low memory in part, it is not a big surprise that it cannot work
under W98.

You *might* be successful if using DOS memory optimizers (such as QEMM)
before launching W98, depending on the amount of DOS drivers you load
on boot.

> Linked to #1 after instructing W98 to restart in DOS mode there is a
> drawback: I did not find a way to kill SMSQE.EXE (like e.g. QPC_EXIT in QPC2
> in Windows mode of course).

You don't "kill" SMSQ/E in the QXL, you kill (or rather exit) the DOS process
that communicates with it, and this is done by hitting CTRL ScrollLock
under SMSQ/E. You can return back to SMSQ/E by relaunching the SMSQE.EXE
executable (i.e. SMSQ/E keeps running on the QXL even while you are doing
other stuff under DOS).

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