Derek wrote:
> I totally agree with Tony, Stuart was a very nice person to know.
> I talked with him alot when I organised 2 QL workshops in the North East.
> His product line was excellent quality and I must of bought everything
> Miracle Systems produced It does seem a loss to the QL community.

The last couple of weeks I re-viewed all the DVDs from the Italian QL community 
and compiled this playlist for the QL community:

Stuart Honeyball / Miracle Systems
In memoriam of the miraculous Stuart Honeyball. R.I.P. my friend.

Thanks to Antonio Gareffa (ANT Videoproductions) and other Italian QL friends 
there’s video footage of many 1990s QL shows. Published with their permission. 
Thank you very much for this great work. Grazie mille!

QL forever!

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