Dilwyn wrote:
> I regret to have to report that I heard this morning of the death of Stuart
> Honeyball of Miracle Systems.
> He passed away peacefully last night (28th March) at 23:45 of cancer,
> according to his wife, Karin.
> I’m sure you’ll all want to join me in extending our condolence to his wife 
> and
> family and express our great admiration and gratitude for all the work he did
> for the QL over the years.

Very sad news! He did so many great things for the QL. He was such a smart guy, 
fun to talk to. I remember well the QL shows where we've met. He and the 
miracle boys were an enrichment for the QL scene. Some pictures with Stuart are 
in this gallery_

May he rest in peace. Thanks Dilwyn for letting us know.


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