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pjwitte via Ql-Users wrote:
Im having a problem with the latest QD (2018). The 'Replace
confirmation sub menu' seems to have its colours mixed up. I cant read
that menu in any palette!
I've never used or seen this menu, but yes, it's broken. Jochen was
being clever here, unfortunately without explaining comments in the
menu/code what he did! Bad Jochen! The window actually has a "hole" in
it that let the original text shine through. Apparently Bernd, who did
the colour conversion, gave up understanding it. Took me halve an hour
to get it, too.

Unlike the last official release my sources are based on Bernd's
version, so you got a confused and bugged halve-finished version of
the window. The last official release just didn't colour the window at
Well thanks for the effort :)
If "someone" ;) is going to delve into the innards of QD again to sort
this out, could they also tweak the 'resize to full screen' option (DO
resize icon) to perhaps leave the current x-size of the window
unchanged (as it was in the earlier version)?
I don't think there ever was a version that left the x-size alone? As
far as I can tell all previous versions just made the window a LOT
wider, to the maximum allowed size. I much prefer the current
VB0.1 does.

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