Here is my completed game (at last!) For you all to enjoy for free, I've also 
included the source files, design manual, my working notes, and box art, and 
the animated intro! The full pack can be downloaded at :
It was created using ACT and took me years! 
I've decided to try and make this, a complete a package as possible. It's 
bundled with the following:
The original game, with title screen, border and boot file.
The animated intro as a gif file, and all the individual slides as png files. 
It was my intention to convert each png to an scr file, and make a superbasic 
animated intro to start before the main game. (Similar to the Christmas I made 
some years back) I wasn't sure if I'd manage this on an stock 128k QL.
The box art design as png files, with front, rear, and side stickers. (If 
anyone does make the boxes, please send me one!)
The box manual as a leaflet, this was originally to be A5 with two copies 
printed back to back on an A4 sheet.
The original source code as ACT build files are all included, so you can build 
your own version of the game, or edit my modules for use on your own games if 
you have ACT (this would be great).
A huge PDF design document detailing the whole game in detail, this was built 
up over a number of years. LOADS OF SPOILERS!
JPG photo images of my working notes, the hand written ones I used as I code 
the game in ACT. Excuse the hand writing. LOADS OF SPOILERS!
I hope you all enjoy it, 
Peter / VP
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