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> > Those are small PLDs, optimized almost to the last gate, not FPGAs,
> > and 800x600 is not doable.
> Surprising, since it's "just" a change in divisors/counters/
> frequencies, but if you say so (I'm certainly no expert in PLD/FPGA
> programming).

Maybe you can look at it this way: The video controller of the Q60 
squeezes _more_ functionality than a contemporary Lattice reference 
design, into a PLD with less than _half_ the resources. This came 
not only from manual optimization using every possible trick, but 
also at the cost of flexibility. I had to exploit constraints that 
are not given at 800 x 600. I clearly remember that I tried hard to 
implement 800x600 some time after flatscreens came up, and came to 
the conclusion there is absolutely no chance.

> > I would find an answer to my original question interesting.
> As I already explained, the OSSC has brought to me the solution for
> the Q60 (and since a 800x600 mode is ruled out, I don't see any
> point in modifying it now).

Thanks for clarification. If the OSSC wasn't such an expensive, 
clumsy setup, I would also just say: Issue solved. Period.

It's very good that you published your experience - I would never 
spend the money without knowing that it actually works with the Q60. 
For the BBQL, I have a better HDMI solution, so I have no other use 
for an OSSC. If it has not happened yet, I would encourage you to 
post your result on the QL forum also.

> But you'd have to ask other Q40/Q60 owners about what they would
> prefer (i.e. the use of a scan converter (*), or a heavy modification
> of their Qx0 to output a higher resolution compatible with modern
> monitors).

Or a different board that would run with the 68060 pulled out of the 
Q60, hence my original question.

> (*) In fact, a "cut-down" OSSC (that would only be able to deal with
> the Q40/Q60 and QL video modes, and with just the VGA input and no
> LCD display, no remote) could be a cheaper and easier solution.

Of course. And also smaller, nicer, decently cased. If not for time 
shortage _plus_ other priorities even for the QL hobby, that would 
be an intersting project.

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