Daniel Baum via Ql-Users wrote:
> You seem to have done an outstanding job with the Mister core. It runs very
> nicely, and ,at least under SMSQ/E at full speed and 4MB of memory, seems
> very stable.

Thanks, good to hear!

> I have one tiny niggle - on the keyboard, + and = are where the \ should
> be, and KBD_TABLE appears to do nothing, but seriously, this is literally a
> Quantum Leap for the Mister.

I feared that this is a problem, I changed a few keys for my German
keyboard but was not sure if this breaks other layouts or if the
layout was broken anyway.

For people not following the forum, I just released another core that
can mount .WIN files directly without a need for a second SD card.
This needed a new QL-SD driver v1.08, but the change has not impact
whatsoever on real QL-SD devices, so there is no need to update.

Cheers, Marcel

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