Anyway, I think I fixed it, new core is on the page. Of course I can
only tell that it still works with the 32MB board ;)


Hello Marcel

While testing the new cores some strange things are happening

Hardware:  Mister 32 MB Board

core 20200108  QL-SD 107/ 108
                Mister SMSQE

win_check 1

boot file loads SMSQE
win_check 1
load another win file
win_drive 2,1,"
win_check 2
but all drives are working              

core 20200112 QL-SD 107 / 108
core 20200116

only shows a garbled screen
        FFFF FFFF
        FFFE FFFE
        0002 0000       
F12 works

Greetings from Switzerland


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