Hi all,

SMSQE 3.36 is out. You can get it as usual on wlenerz.com/smsqe

For all machines using qxl.win container style files; there is a better
handling of the names of QXL.WIN containers. There are a spanish
keyboard format and system messages.

Some bugs have been corrected (FDEL works as advertised, Q60 direct QLWA

For the (S)GC, there is a bugfix for the keyboard handling, and many
more changes.

For the Q68, cards need not be initialized for normal access (a
CARD_INIT might still be necessary for the CARD_xx commands). The
keyboard may be handled via interrupts, which may help with certain
USB-PS/2 adapters (this needs your FPGA to be updated, though). SER
works again correctly.

The Qx0 can read container files from the first four FAT32 partitions
and has some new card related keywords (see extras_new_Q40_FAT32_txt).

Have fun!

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