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I am taking the decision to abandon at all Atari format partition on my Q60/Q40. I never had a special passion for mkpart/drvchk/drvlnk because I never fully understand the logic behind and this is my limit obviously .

New configuration I am approaching is to burn new ROM able to load SMSQ/E 3.36 directly without need of at least one atari partition and then have a single CF/SD (1 or 2 partition, doesn't care) to be able to load until 8 QXL.WIN and to have the freedom to share them with Q68. I think, that QXL.WIN on FAT32 could be considered the new standard, my humble opinion obviously....


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On Thu, 23 Apr 2020 09:16:36 +0200, Wolfgang Lenerz via Ql-Users wrote:

Sadly, this change totally broke secondary partitions support for Atari
partitioned hard disks.
Just to make sure, this change broke things in 3.36 only, not in 3.35?
Yep. v3.35 works like a charm in this respect, and I actually reverted to
it for now...
For me the question is: Where is even the slightest practical benefit of
the new feature? Up to eight QLWA containers can be used without it.

I know it is hard to abandon code, after time was already invested, but
in this case I'd vote for it.

All the best
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