Hi Jan,

> When I use a splitter and connect the keyboard to the corresponding 
> connector on the spiltter, the Q68 freezes at the boot loader screen 
> even if the mouse is not connected.

The simple reason is that most (not all) splitter cables lead the mouse
to the primary PS/2 port. This was to also allow a mouse to be used on a
PC laptop without splitter cable. Which made sense, because Laptops have
a builtin keyboard.

But on the Q68 it is more important to have the keyboard on the primary
PS/2 port, so it can be used without splitter. To achieve this, I
swapped the ports, compared to most PC laptops. In other words, most
splitter cables are not correctly labelled for a Q68.

> I have to reverse keyboard and mouse plugs to make it work.

Which is absolutely normal.

> Of course this has no relationship with Minerva 
> or SMSQ/E (which hasn't even started up yet) but it might have something 
> to do with interrupts or firmware (which I'm not familiar with, it's 
> Peter's design).

Not at all. The labelling of your splitter cable simply needs to be
swapped to reflect the Q68 pinout.

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