Hi Mitxel,

I tested your proposed procedure for using ECW and MBTILES files on Windows 10 with QMS 1.11. I proceeded as described. Maybe 1 (trivial) phrase is missing in the description: "build VRT files".

I found 2 ECW and 2 MBTILES files. I got the VRT files and I could see each of the maps. The only problem when building the VRT files was the following complaint (with each of the used files):

gdalbuildvrt D:/GPS/Maps/0839-B37BN Asela (1980).vrt D:/GPS/Maps/0839-B37BN Asela (1980).ecw ERROR 1: Can't load requested DLL: d:\QtProjects\QMS\QMapShack\msvc_64\Files\gdalplugins\ogr_MSSQLSpatial.dll
126: Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden. (module not found)

The same error message appears with GDALADDO when creating overlays (but the overlays work too!)

I do not have any idea what this error means or how to suppress it. Surprisingly enough: the DLL is in the directory mentioned in the error message. Your proposal reads "there is no need to set any path to gdalplugins folder, so you can start qmapshack.exe as usual." - thus, I didn't set additional environment variables.

I couldn't test MrSID files - I don't have a file of this type.



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