Hi John
no worries. I took the time for an answer as this is kind of a topic that constantly pops up and needs detailed explanation.
Regarding your track. You can double click on the track in the list. Or you select "Track Profile" from the menu (right click on the item in the list). Or you select "Track Profile" from the tool buttons when you click on the track in the map view.
The double click will also zoom the view to fit your track.
With Menu->View->Ext. Profile (crtl+e) you can toggle the profile widget between the small version (link in QLGT) or a window version that can be placed and scaled as needed. and you can select ranges in that extended profile. If the small version is active you can click on it to enter the track edit dialog.
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Thank you Oliver.

Thank you for going to the trouble of writing a detailed reply.  My email was intended to compliment you for both QLGT and QMS.  All users owe you a debt of gratitude beyond measure.  Thank you again.

At the risk of being a nuisance, can you comment on the way QLGT displays a high lighted track, and whether this could be an option in QMS?



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