>From: "asantos" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >named does recursive queries by default according to the docs.
>Well.. is your installation the default one? ;)

Yes, I would think so.

> >Everything in named.conf seems fine. The zone "." looks like this:
> >
> >zone "." in
> >{
> >  type hint;
> >  file "db.cache";
> >};
> >
> >and the db.cache file contains the root servers.
>In the right directory? I'm grabing at straws, here, but ...

Yes, it is in the right directory.

> >Well, if the problem lies with my resolver, are there any tools that I 
> >use to simulate what qmail is trying to do? ping and nslookup seem t be
> >working fine.
> >Maybe some simple source code that I can fiddle with to figure this out?
>The main difference between qmail and other software re DNS is that qmail
>doesn't give a hoot about the /etc/hosts file. Everything is done through
>DNS. As things stand now, I'd dump bind and try djbdns... unless you can 
>someone to debug bind for you.
>The tests I've done with triton.axon.is using nslookup did ok. It's even
>recursive. dnsq concurs, everything seems ok. If this was djbdns, with its
>clearer binding to interfaces, I'd say that your DNS server is ok for
>outside queries, but not correctly configured for local queries, and point
>the proverbial finger at the culprit.
>Next thing I'd suspect would be libc upgrade problems... what OS are you
>running? I couldn't identify it remotely. It looks like Linux 2.2.14, 
>try to reinstall your libc's.

This thought has bee creeping up on me since yesterday. I'm a bit keen on 
sticking with bind, so I will check on my libs first. I'm running Linux 
2.2.16 (RH6.1 at heart).

>Did you install qmail from source or using a binary package?

>From source, but compiled on a different machine (the user and group match).

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