From: Jens Hafsteinsson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>What I would like to know is what exactly qmail is trying to do. Why is it
>doing a CNAME lookup in the first place? Why doesn't it just use the
>designated server in the MX records and be done with it? How does a DNS
>setup look like that works (the relevant parts)?

Your MX *is* a CNAME,

On the other hand, it seems that your problem is not with your domain.
AFAIK, no CNAME lookup of the local domain is needed to send mail. You
should start by checking your /etc/resolv.conf, it seems that qmail can't
get any DNS answers. Do you have a local DNS cache? Perhaps you should
switch to djbdns.

As a quick fix, try the following on your /etc/resolv.conf (saving the
previous contents elsewhere):


and restart qmail. If you can then send mail, then you don't have a correct
local DNS setup.

Good luck

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