On Thu, Aug 03, 2000 at 08:14:32AM -0400, Dave Sill wrote:
> >then one can make a conclusion that the authors no nothing about
> >postfix. /etc/postfix/master.cf has nothing todo with concurrency
> >control in postfix, at least if he think that it has the same fashion
> >as qmail.
> He apparently confused incoming concurrency with outgoing
> concurrency. Luckily, Postfix defaults to 50, so the results are still 
> valid.

Then you wrong either :-)

Default _maximum_ concurrency is 10, but postfix will use 'slow
start' strategy, then the concurrency will started at 5, it would be
increased, slowly, as long as the remote host happily accept (all of
these are configurable).

Even though the author increase the number at master.cf, say 1000 (as
I said that it has nothing todo with concurrency, neither incoming nor
outgoing, beside the fact that there are no _incoming/outgoing_
concurrency in postfix, the number is for differrent purpose).
then the concurrency still be limited to 10 and will started at 5,
etc... etc...


P.Y. Adi Prasaja

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