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> Subject: [Qt-creator] Lost in 4.2
> I'm completely lost on 4.2 project management.
> I don't see where I can add a kit anywhere?
> I imported a build from 4.1, but I only got ios... I'm not sure how I am to 
> use this, or how to subsequently import my desktop and android builds?

Ok, this is seriously messed up...
The 4.2 version must be modified as follows to not have a 'shameful' version:
1. Right clicking on Build & Run, getting a context menu with "import" is not 
obvious at all. It's just bold text. ADD A BUTTON for each: Import and Manage 

The rest of these are less critical, but could cause problems:
2. When I did the import the shadow build directory was: 
however it was really 
/Users/jhihn/Projects/build-prep-iphonesimulator_clang_Qt_5_6_2_ios-Debug (No 
_for_ in the path)
3. My import of desktop wound up with a build directory of 
/Users/jhihn/Projects/build-prep-Qt_5_6_2_clang_64_temporary-Debug. What's 
temporary doing in there?)
4. It would be nice if (tm) the import could also figure out the other 
platforms and do all of that in one step. For instance:
has sibling directories of:

build-{projname}-{kit}_{compiler}_{_platform}_{QtVer}-{mode} (Though Desktop is 
a departure) Whatever hash function is used to come up with the dir name should 
be able to figure out the existing kits as well. Or why can't you look at the 
old .user files and pick that out?

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