To All,

I have been using Qt for 3 years already and I have some projects going on 
thanks to the multi-platform approach.

I had a previous experience working with GTK and then GTKmm looking for a C++ 
solution. Finally I learned about Qt as a framework centralized in C++ and it 
was amazing to discover a very well documented and clean API with a real and 
perfectly working multi-platform capability.

All my projects are based on QWidget classes of course and I can compile the 
source code for mobile and desktop platforms with minor differences managed 
with #ifdef XXX. A real miracle thanks to the previous Trolltech team.

But what happen now when new mobile phones come with Qt5 without QWidget 
support? All existing projects based on this technology currently in OVI store 
or private clients will stop working from one day to the other? When I started 
with Qt, I read about the promise to keep source and binary compatibility 
across the releases, what happen with this promise?

This promise was and still is reinforced by Nokia's marketing statement:
"Qt allows you to write advanced applications and UIs once, and deploy them 
across desktop and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code 
saving time and development cost" 

I want to clarify that I'm not against QML/JavaScript, it could be an 
interesting approach to bring more (Java) developers into the pool. But I don't 
think, this is a fair and responsible decision from Qt's board to leave so many 
developers and current projects in the situation described above.

I hope there is still room for changes and QWidgets classes are finally 
included for mobile platforms in Qt5. Because porting existing and complex 
applications with thousands of lines of code which have been optimized for so 
long with bug fixes and upgrades would be economically not interesting nor I 
could have the heart to re-do all my work again.

On the other hand, what happen with the users who purchased these applications 
from OVI store? Will they loose them as soon as their devices are upgraded to 


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