I was told Medicare will not cover seat elevating or speed package.
They should cover tilt / recline

> I went for an evaluation  yesterday to get a power chair. Even
> though the Dr, wrote up all that.  I need she said she did not
> think medicare would pay for an elevating seat and she was not sure
> about the tilt and recline. She said it would take months to get  a
> review through medicare.I asked if I could get some repairs done to
> my old chair but was told NO not while I am waiting for a new
> chair....medicare would not pay for repairs and then a new chair.
> On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 2:01 PM, <wheelch...@aol.com> wrote:
>> Who told you that you could not get your chair repaired while you
>> are going thru the process of a new one?
> Best Wishes
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>> g...@eskimo.com writes:
>>> My chair is
>>> so weird, I can charge it all day and night, but it still say
>>> not charged. Or I can run it almost dead, and it charge full
>>> just over night. I charged it all day, and all night, went dead
>>> after 2 miles. A few days ago I went 6 miles.
> It kind of
>>> feels like the breaks come on while driving sometimes. Other
>>> times it feels like something comes loose and my chair comes to
>>> a dead stop.
> I can't do
>>> too much to it because I'm trying to get a new chair.
> Greg

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