I was told the same thing last fall. They received to fax from my dr that day 
for new chair and were at my house to assess for repair and told me I had to 
pay out of pocket for repairs. Since they had just received the script from my 
dr I told them tear it up because I am not paying out of pocket for repairs I 
had been asking them to do for months. They trashed the script, fixed my chair 
and now we are in the process of getting a new chair.


Good luck




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I went for an evaluation  yesterday to get a power chair. Even though the Dr, 
wrote up all that.  I need she said she did not think medicare would pay for an 
elevating seat and she was not sure about the tilt and recline. She said it 
would take months to get  a review through medicare.I asked if I could get some 
repairs done to my old chair but was told NO not while I am waiting for a new 
chair....medicare would not pay for repairs and then a new chair.


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Who told you that you could not get your chair repaired while you are going 
thru the process of a new one?

Best Wishes


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My chair is so weird, I can charge it all day and night, but it still say not 
charged. Or I can run it almost dead, and it charge full just over night. I 
charged it all day, and all night, went dead after 2 miles. A few days ago I 
went 6 miles.


It kind of feels like the breaks come on while driving sometimes. Other times 
it feels like something comes loose and my chair comes to a dead stop.


I can't do too much to it because I'm trying to get a new chair.





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