I have never been a good sleeper, and not being able to move when I wake up is 
a pain in the neck-literally!!  If I consistently get less than 5 hours per 
night I will take an ambien, but I’d try to keep it to a minimum and only use 
one 30 pill prescription per year.  I usually just switch channels on the TV 
(thank you Amazon Echo)  and get what sleep I can.  We have had such a mild 
winter that I have been able to be outside a lot, and that makes it easier for 
me to sleep.


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I'm sure my doctor would prescribe whatever but I'll probably do without. I did 
visit a sleep clinic last week and they are going to test my oxygen while 
sleeping. I don't think that's the problem but whatever…



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I finally gave up 2 years ago and started taking sleeping meds.  At the time, I 
rarely slept more than 2 hours straight.  I figured I was doing more damage to 
my brain by never getting any rest than taking something.  I was an insomniac 
before my injury.  Then add not being able to reposition at will.  Now I pop an 
ambien every other night.





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Anybody have answers to trouble sleeping or at least feeling rested when first 
awake, besides medication of any kind? Jeff



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