I have the same pain sometimes and I think it’s nerve pain. 

Gabapentin has helped.



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My shoulder blade hurts so bad I feel sick. Its like a knife is sticking under 
there prying it up. It comes and goes for years now. I’ve been to every type of 
doctor and had every test. They can’t find a cause. My guess would be pinched 
nerve, but they tested for that. Had me hooked up to a bunch of electrodes. 
Catscan, MRI, Xray, Ultrasound, etc. It can be gone for weeks, but then show up 
for hours, days, weeks, etc.

My sister had a similar problem and it turned out it was her Thyroid. Who knew 
your Thyroid could hurt your shoulder blade. But I was tested for that a few 

I'm on pretty good pain meds for other things, but it does not even dent this.

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