At 00:49 -0500 on 26/12/02, Scott Holder wrote:

>At 12:18 AM 12/26/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>>     Does anybody know what the fastest 68030 and 68040 chips were.  I guess
>>MicroMac used a 40MHz 68040 chipped to run at 50MHz.  So is 40MHz the fastest
>>for a 68040?  There are 50MHz 68030 upgrades too.  Are those rated at 50MHz?
>>Anything I missed?
> From what I've read, there have been some quite faster '040s and '060s
>than we've ever seen in Macs, as well as '030s. Of course we've never seen
>an '060 in a Mac stock.
>I have a 50mhz Diimo upgrade in my IIci, though it's rated at 40mhz. Not
>sure if there has ever been a real '030 faster than 40mhz or not.

The 50 MHz Daystar PowerCache upgrades definitely had 50 MHz 030s, and optional
50 MHz 68882s.

40 MHz was the top of the line for the 68040, though the 68060 got up to at
least 60 MHz.

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