>"XC" should read "MC", meaning Motorola, not "XC", and the "LC" will be
>absent on a full function chip.
>Such a full function chip would read: "MC68040RC33B", and this would decode
>as follows:
>MC - Motorola
>68040 - it's an '040 (D'oh)
>RC - ceramic, pin-through-hole package
>33 - 33/66 MHz (33 MHz CPU, using a 66 MHz oscillator)
>B - second revision of the mask set
I got out the reading glasses to make sure, and it is "XC" at the beginning 
of the string.  There is a Motorola trademark on the chip.  Is the "XC" only 
on the "LC" chip

Also by swapping this chip into my 610 from a 577, did I increase the CPU 
speed from "20" to "33" or is there something on the MB I need to change 
also to take advantage of the faster chip?


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