Michael Dawe wrote:

A noticable improvement considering they both have the same CPU and clock
speed. Get the Quadra 650 mobo and you'll see an improvement over the C650

You were spot on about 72 pin over 30 pin.
Definately a C650.
Clockometer worked well and saved me taking it apart again which I have to do since the replacement pram battery is worse than the one I took out. :( As the chip has a heatsink I'm was reluctant to go to the trouble of taking it out just to check the speed. It ain't broken so dont stuff with it. :)
ftp://ftp.pasteur.fr/pub/computing/Mac/Configuration/ is a nice place to look for tatletech and clockometer.

Looks like your Q650 still beats my C650
So where do I find info for clocking this board again? as I'm off to Jaycar :)

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