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it would be good have dev/automerge updated to match the release (once it happens -- hopefully soon) so that we / others can update their patches to the latest known good point and then submit pull request to get CI and an integrated branch...

I'm not sure I want github in the loop really. It's been much easier to just push an ff branch to git and 'hit' the matching NetDEF CI URI to get CI going.

An auto-collating tree would be good. As would ability for Quagga developers to get stuff CIed with some control.

What's possible we should discuss with Martin once these last CI issues are dealt with (I'd almost say "just set the peering with the test tools to 'passive' and be done with it" now, but that would cause other complications potentially I gather from Martin).

There's also an issue of resources on NetDEFs side of course.

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